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An extended report or thesis or essay is known as dissertation which is to be completed by scholars to get their PhD degree. Students need to complete the dissertation on that particular subject on which they are doing research. Students are eligible to select the topic on which they are doing the research work and that topic should also get approval from the supervisor or the professors. Students need to write an application to the supervisors to get approval on that subject. The supervisors will approve the subject only if that subject is attractive and can do some benefit to the society. Again, in case students find confusion in selecting the subject on which they will write dissertation, they will surely ask help from the faculties for necessary advice. Students are required to follow the rules and regulations while writing a dissertation as per instructions given by the supervisors. The scholars should also ensure that they have carried on necessary research work on that particular topic and have assembled enough data and information to write the dissertation in proper way. At the end of the dissertation, students need to write the source of data and evidences. The faculties will check these courses at the time of evaluation the dissertation.
Almost all the students find the task of dissertation writing a boring task due to its excessive length. Thus to them dissertation writing is always an uninteresting task and hence they feel stressed while starting the task. Due to all these reasons they fail to complete the task properly and often miss the deadline to submit the report. Again, they feel nervous and do not put effort to search proper source of information which is to be included in the dissertation. Students also face problem with time management and cannot submit the reports on time. Normally these problems deduct their scores and their assignments get poor marks.
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